Glam it up with Mercury Glass

With Fall just a few days away, we have begun to bring out the seasonal decor. One of our favorite additions?  Mercury glass. Wait, what?  Mercury glass?  Oh, sorry…some also refer to it as silvered glass.  So, what is this stuff?  The long and short of it is:  Mercury glass is a hand blown double layered artistic glass with a liquid silvering solution set between the two layers that was made between the 1830’s and the 1920’s.  The finished product looks cracked and damaged, but is quite beautiful..  While the real stuff is fairly pricey, thanks to DIY and the internet, the look of mercury glass can be replicated both easily and inexpensively.

Well, pulling out all of our gorgeous pieces for the season made us think of all the wonderful possibilities of incorporating it into a wedding reception.  Here are some beautiful ways to add a little glam to your wedding!  Check out our other inspirations boards on Pinterest!

Want to know how you can DIY your own mercury glass?  Check out this link….

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Add a Little Watercolor to Your Day

IT’S ALMOST THE END of Summer (boo) and even with fall just around the corner, with all it’s rustic charm, we can still find a bit of glorious inspiration in the watercolors of the season.  Thankfully, the watercolor wedding palette happens to also be the one of the top wedding trend of 2014.  So get a jump on it!  Not only is it soft, it’s also feminine, romantic and just plain pretty. And we’ve pulled together 15 fabulous ways you can bring a little watercolor to your nuptials.

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Guests Should Dress in What?

ACCORDING TO MISS MANNERS, guests are not required to dress for your fabulous themed wedding.  Yes, I looked it up.  Why would I look up such a thing?  Well, I guess I was just curious.  We often have brides who tell us about their themed weddings.  Most of the time, it is the bride and bridal party who stick to the theme, but from time to time, we get a bride who has requested that her guests also dress in costume.  Particularly, something from the roaring 20’s or rockabilly 50’s.  Pretty tall order, eh?  Now, as the owner of a vintage clothing store, I welcome her guests to shop our vintage collection for the perfect wedding guest attire.  However, as a woman who has been to her fair share of weddings, I wondered if guests are required to dress in costume.  Well despite Miss Manners’ opinion, I do think that everyone dressing in costume, including the guests, sounds pretty fun!

The Muppets Hit the circus-theme-hallowe70sthemeweddingstyleRockabilly & handmade angrease wedding!Sian Jenkins and Rupyoungbadmanbrown: anA Masquerade Ball WeNow these are some vSteampunk WeddingsGreat ideas for a DeCostume party weddin

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