Whether it is a vintage wedding or not….the ‘bridal bag’ is something no bride must venture out without on her wedding day . This is the ultimate go-to for sewing emergencies, make-up top ups, sore feet and more. Keep within easy reach at all times. Here is a checklist to ensure you don’t miss a trick:Lippy and gloss. A must for any bride to keep looking a fresh as she did 5 hours ago. Add to this a small hand held pocket mirror for a quick touch up.Pocket Tissues These are the ultimate lady like solution to those happy tears.Sewing Kit It goes without saying that white and black are the key colors but don’t forget a needle and a pair of scissors!Safety pins You just never know when you might need one and typically, the time when you don’t have one, is when you need it the most.Pair of flats Believe us when we say that you will want to change out of those heels. Even if the heel isn’t high, slipping on a pair of comfy flats will feel like a gift from God after hours of dancing.Hair Spray We wish someone had told us to keep this on hand at our weddings. Being hugged, kissed and then dancing the night away (to say nothing of the weather if you happen to hit it windy), your up-do will most likely need a top-up!Hair Grips Unless wearing your hair down, this goes without saying but can we tell you how many brides forget!Spare Pen Just in case the one for guest book runs out or you need to write who the gift was from on the packaging because there is always one who forgets to sign, you have it covered.Fold up shopping bag (several) A strange item admittedly but we can think of zillion reasons why it is better to have one than not. I mean, how do you plan to carry your cards and presents or your shoes for that matter, when your feet scream at you to remove them?Candle lighter Even if you have a wedding planner – there is nothing like being prepared.Dry Clean Stain remover Let us introduce you to the best thing since sliced bread! If you are anything like us and a tad clumsy, then you might risk a bit of spillage. The dry stain remover will be the miracle you have been waiting for. Spray on, wait, brush off – yes, it really is that easy and available for purchase online if you cant find it anywhere else.Ibuprofen Just because your bridesmaids didn’t come prepared doesn’t mean you let that headache ruin the day or anyone else’s.Gel inserts If you really are determined to stay in those heels all night, then you might need these. There are gel stripes for the heels too if these start to rub and we wholeheartedly recommend some gel blister cushions from your local store as a good back up.Foam make-up wedges There is nothing better for cleaning up a lippy smear or a mascara meltdown than a foam wedge. Not only does this clear up the mess when tissue just doesn’t cut it but helps leave the rest of your make up intact – unlike a facial wipe.Shrug / Bolero Jacket You might not be planning on wearing one and you might be celebrating your nuptials in blazing heat but would it hurt to have one on hand – just in case!Sun block Yes it is a summer month special and while we all love the sun, no-one wants burnt shoulders in your first photos as hubby and wife – even a handy travel sized bottle will do.Boutonniere pins Some flowers can be top heavy and the one lone pin your florist sent will not be enough. You will be grateful you have several spares with you to save the flowers from plunging southwards.Buttons White and black, because you just can never be too