Boho is a lovely style to wear if you're having a summer wedding. Floaty, cool and relaxed, it's a great way of enjoying the sunshine as well as looking amazing on your wedding day (of course!)If you're not sure what Boho is, just think of Sienna Miller back in about 2005: long beachy waved hair with a hippy vibe, short dresses paired with sandals or cowboy boots, or long float skirts plus a fur gilet in case the evening turns a bit cooler. Vintage 1970s dresses are perfect for this look. Here are some ideas to inspire you if you're thinking of having a boho-themed wedding this summer. They show you that you can get a boho-inspired feel to your outfit whether you opt for something short and floaty, or long and more traditional. 

Above: Dress | Hair garland | Sandals

Above: Dress | Flower Headband | Sandals

Above: Dress | Daisy Crown | Sandals

Above: Dress | Flower Garland | Cowboy Boots